Electronic equipment is a kind of equipment that has extremely high requirements for the production environment. Even some electronic accessories must reduce all possible interference during production, and air is no exception. Because the gas components in the air collide with electrons, which interferes with the normal movement of electrons, and it is prone to cathodic oxidation poisoning of heating electrons. Therefore, in order to avoid these situations, it is necessary to develop and produce electronic parts in a vacuum environment. Under this demand, the vacuum pump was born and achieved a very important role.
The vacuum environment created by the vacuum pump can relatively reduce the number of collisions between molecules and between molecules and protons, making it more stable in the production and R&D process. Due to the reduction of molecular density in the vacuum state, the amount of oxygen and hydrogen gas that constitute atmospheric components is also relatively reduced. Using these characteristics, scientists can test the characteristics of electronic devices under different conditions and develop more new products.

People can also use the reduction of gas molecule density to achieve pentoxide heating, and the gradual disappearance of gas heat conduction and convection when the air pressure decreases to achieve vacuum heat insulation and insulation. People can also use the principle of reduced pressure and lower boiling point of liquids to realize vacuum freezing and vacuum drying in the production environment. The parts of electronic equipment can be vacuum smelted, vacuum degassed, cast and heat treated. It can also use the small density of gas molecules and the weak chemical effect of any substance and residual gas to realize the vacuum coating process of electronic products. It can be said that the vacuum pump is of great significance to the production of these high-precision parts of electronic equipment.