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Brand: Tovac
water ring vacuum pump
The vacuum pump is suitable for removing gas and steam, and the suction pressure can reach 33mbar absolute pressure (97% vacuum degree). When the vacuum pump is working for a long time when the suction pressure is less than 80mbar, the cavitation protection pipe should be connected to protect the pump. 

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High Quality Vacuum Pump

Inside the round pump body with sucking and exhausting valves, there installed a centrifugal rotor trough with three vanes driven by centrifugal power. The vanes separate the pump inner space into three parts and the respective volume changes periodically while the rotor turns. The sucking, compressing and exhausting stages eliminate the air at the inlet and achieve the state of vacuum.

Good Characteristic:

1. High utmost vacuum rate, it can be less than 0.5mbar

2. High deflating speed

3. Low noise while working, lower than 67db

4. Strong capacity in deflating the vapor

5. Protecting environment; an oil fog clearer is set in the vacuum pump, and no oil fog in the exhaust air

6. Compact structure, scientific and reasonable design, and it is easy to install in the industry system Application Range of Single-stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump: