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Our company is one of the earliest companies engaged in manufacturing vacuum pumps and vacuum units in China,The company has strong technical force and has passed the GB/T19001-2016/ISO 9001:2015 standard quality management system certification. Our company has won three patents in China in the field of vacuum pumps.

  • Vacuum pump system
  • Screw vacuum pump
  • Roots vacuum pump

The main products of our company are: LG series screw vacuum pump; ZJQ series gas cooled roots vacuum pump; 2BV, 2BE, SK, 2SK series water ring vacuum pump; ZJP series of Roots vacuum pumps; WLW reciprocating vacuum pumps; and various vacuum pump units, vacuum EPC equipment, V vacuum casting equipment, vacuum vacuum station and so on.

About Us

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Strong research and development capability has always been the source of the company's sustained development, and has kept us at the forefront of vacuum pump product development.


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