Waste water treatment, methane compression, vacuum water, biogas production, wastewater purification / activated sludge tank oxidation, garbage generation gas recovery, biogas recovery, waste treatment machine.

There are many places where products can be used to improve our environment. Ventilation is a very necessary function in environmental applications. For example, gas compression, material collection and ventilation.

First, waste water treatment

The vacuum pump provides the pumping pressure needed to discharge the waste water and is used to clean the sewer network.

Two. Methane compression

The liquid ring pump extracts the methane from the top of the tank to recycle it to improve mixing and reaction speed. The working fluid of the pump cooled methane by absorbing and compressing the heat, providing an almost isothermal mode of work, extending the service life of the downstream valves, burners and motors, and reducing the cost of maintenance. The working fluid is also used as a fire protection device to reduce the cost of explosion protection. The polluted gas is filtered through the water ring and partially dried. In this way, the gas is oxidized and returned to the wastewater treatment process.

Three. Vacuum water adding

As a part of vacuum water adding system, liquid ring pump can reliably collect, transmit and process waste water in all areas through its use. Because of its high vacuum performance, the transmission of waste water is easy to carry out, even in uplink.

Four. Biogas production

The number of microorganisms produced in activated sludge tanks and settling tanks is stable in the sewage treatment tower, and is used to generate biogas. The complete mixing of sludge can increase the output of gas and shorten the time in the reactor. In the process, methane is drawn from the top of the sewage treatment tower, compressed in a dual ring compressor, and imported through the mouth at the bottom.

Five, wastewater purification / activated sludge tank oxidation

In order to reduce the requirement for space and reduce the cost of wastewater treatment equipment, the number of activated sludge tanks is increasing. Oxygen is very important for the treatment of waste water. Our dual ring compressor provides the compression pressure needed to produce maximum oxygen production. For small, dispersed or mobile equipment, air ring fan is the most economical choice.

Six. Ventilation in fish pond

The introduction of wind into fish ponds can greatly improve the quality of life of fish. Through the use of air ring fan or liquid ring pump, the oxygen content of water can be greatly increased. This can increase the number of fish culture in fish ponds by 2 times, or even increase 3 times. The heat generated by the fan or pump can also be used to regulate the water temperature. The oxygen contained in water can greatly accelerate the growth and reproduction of fish and greatly increase production.

Seven. Waste gas recovery (biogenic gas)

Such uses include gases produced by waste decomposition, usually in garbage. Plant waste can also be decomposed, and the resulting gas can also be recovered. This is a very basic way. To put it simply, it is to drill holes at every point of the garbage disposal and put the perforated pipes into the boreholes. Using a vacuum pump, or, if the pressure is higher than the atmospheric pressure, a compressor can also be used to compress the gas and transfer the gas to a natural gas engine to drive the generator. This gas can also be used directly for power generation or for boiler or furnace fuel. It can also clean the gas, remove the dirty gas and sell it to the industrial system.

Eight. Biogas recovery (biogas)

Civil or industrial wastes are decomposed in mud or tanks. A compressor is used to press the gas into the ejector, and then into the tank to provide heat and agitation mud, to keep it expanding, and to make the microbes eat the decomposed or mud. The compressor is also used to recover the gas and press it into the natural gas engine to drive the generator to generate electricity, generate electricity, or use it as a boiler or furnace fuel.


Nine. Waste disposal machine

Liquid ring vacuum pumps are installed on trucks to remove industrial wastes that can not be digested by water treatment plants.